Saturday, January 17, 2009

BSG is Back! Who's The Final Cylon?

The only TV show that I feel compelled to watch on a regular basis finally returned last night. Some quick thoughts--

Really great episode, and on so many levels. A real roller-coaster ride, with some high points (like the date between Lee and Dee), and many, MANY more low points. At times, I felt like I was watching a Shakespearean tragedy, and at others, like I was watching a train-wreck--Horrible to see, but at the same time, too fascinating to ignore.

Regarding the Starbuck situation: I think things are just as they seem-- the dead body is the "real" Starbuck that we first meet in the Mini-Series. The current Starbuck is a copy with implanted memories. In fact, this ties in pretty neatly with a pet theory of mine.

Here it goes:

ALL of the "humans" are Cylons. Not actual metal robots, of course, but 'flesh-cylons', like Six and Boomer.

What if "The Plan" is just a series of repeated attempts to re-start the human race. With each try, the Machine Cylons decant a fresh batch of clones, or 'human-model cylons', all with ready-made memories and pre-programmed personalities. They set these cylon-created humans loose and see what happens. And they keep a small sample of the human-model cylons close at hand, with at least a partial awareness of their true nature, as a sort of control group.

And each time, the 'new humans' figure out a way to destroy themselves.. either directly (through nuclear holocaust, for example), or indirectly (like by creating yet another type of machine servant, only to have it turn on them).

I'm sure it's been mentioned all over the Internet before, but it's worth repeating:

The Final Cylon isn't just Ellen; it's Humanity.

...Or maybe not.

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